Overcome Your Information Management Challenges!

Header-FusionSeminars2014Are you using 20-40 % of your working time just  to find the inform ation to do your job?

You are not
alone. Traditional document and information management systems don’t help locate information hidden in unstructured information formats.

The dirty secret of unstructured information is that it has existed as long as there have been documentation to manage. It is often misclassified, stored, and distributed in a wide variety of systems and locations. This lack of coordination leads to duplication and further re-distribution, which in turn leads to degradation of information quality, integrity, and ultimately, its outright loss.

The real solution is to recognize that legacy information, which is often uncontrolled and unstructured, will always exist in organizations. What matters is how your organisation chooses to deal with it.  

There is no reason to struggle alone – join your peers and Intergraph industry experts to learn how to overcome your information management challenges at Intergraph Nordic Information Management Seminar-series in May/June 2014.

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