SmartPlant Construction saves time and reduces project costs

Last week we made a couple of post regarding our observation that the number of articles announcing new or revived projects is growing.  As the planning for these new projects begin, all those involved will be exploring ways to manage the thousands of workers, millions of details, and numerous complex variables, such as labor, materials, weather, and schedules involved.  That is where Intergraph’s SmartPlant Construction can help. 

SmartPlant Construction benefits include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Accelerated project completion
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved work planning
  • Efficient information exchange for better communication
  • Enhanced engineering and construction work processes

Patrick Holcomb, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine executive vice president offers his insights regarding the value of SmartPlant Construction during this brief video:

For more about SmartPlant Construction click here.