Avoid cost overruns and delays on CAPEX projects with SPO Interface Management

Average CAPEX overruns of 20 to 30 percent and delays in production start of several months are common in many areas of the process, power, and marine industries today.  There is a strong correlation between the size and complexity of projects and the relative magnitude of cost overruns and delays.

Large CAPEX projects involve many different parties and can have 20 to 100 separate interfaces that need to be managed, each with hundreds of interface issues that need to be resolved.  Many tens of thousands of interface items need to be managed on a typical CAPEX project and traditional spreadsheet tools or ad hoc databases are just not suited to manage such complexity.

Interface control is one of a number of key, critical project management processes within the Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) Project Execution solution that also includes: management of project change, technical and site query management, and non-conformity/waiver management. These processes are all closely related and can all be linked in SPO, providing full traceability between interface items and these other processes. The SPO Project Execution solution is designed to enable owner operators and PMCs to manage CAPEX and turnaround projects effectively and reduce project schedules, risk, and costs.

SPO interface management enables owner operators and PMCs to more effectively manage interfaces on CAPEX and turnaround projects. The level of control and management of interfaces can have a direct impact on avoiding cost overruns and delays on a project.

Learn more about how SPO interface management can help you by downloading our new white paper "SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators – Interface Management" here.

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