Smart 3D Virtual Training offers in-depth training without leaving the office

In these tough economic times, with restriction on travel and other financial concerns, virtual training is a great way to learn more about Intergraph Smart 3D (both SmartPlant 3D and SmartMarine 3D) at a low cost. 

Virtual training modules were integral to the highly successful Intergraph Smart Career Program in Houston during the summer and fall, which was conducted to help unemployed process, power and marine professionals gain new skills for the job market. Virtual training offers modules in piping, electrical, structural, and HVAC.

The Smart 3D Virtual Training Program offers:

  • Virtual instructor-led sessions – These online courses provide a brief overview of a Smart 3D feature or procedure, followed by a demonstration of the feature or procedure. A short quiz is presented at the end of each session.
  • Tutorials – Adobe PDF documents provide detailed instruction related to a concept or procedure in Smart 3D. Tutorials provide a step-by-step description of a procedure, similar to procedure demonstrations in instructor-led sessions. The documents can be viewed and then saved for later reference.
  • Practice Labs – PDF documents summarize the procedures covered during instructor-led sessions and tutorials. Practice labs are useful for practicing the steps offline using the Smart 3D environment.

For more information, visit ourSmart 3D Virtual Training page or download this PDF.