Increase offshore detail design productivity by 30%? Yes, it can be done

Historically, offshore oil and gas companies around the world have had to make considerable initial and ongoing investments to develop applications and integrate them with commercial solutions. In recognition of this business problem, Intergraph has spent the last 25 years developing and bringing to market a set of integrated applications that deliver and define the engineering, construction, and fabrication enterprises.

SmartMarine Enterprise offers offshore clients the largest set of market-leading applications, starting Read our new offshore brochurefrom the schematic design of an asset through to physical modeling,
materials management, construction management, fabrication automation, and information management.

The results have been significant. When our clients fully implement SmartMarine design applications and adjust processes to maximize the system, they report improved delivery schedules achieved with increased detail design productivity of up to 30 percent. Adding the enterprise materials, fabrication, and construction applications can reduce construction costs by 12 percent and total installed cost by as much as 3.5 percent.

Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about our SmartMarine solutions, including SmartMarine 3D:

“SmartMarine 3D improved our productivity by reducing the manhours required to design projects. Its user-friendly interface and excellent graphics are an added advantage for us.” – Aziz Merchant General Manager, Engineering Keppel O&M

“We have been using SmartMarine 3D in production on numerous offshore projects, (which) is helping us achieve greater productivity and higher quality designs. The enhancements included in the newest version of SmartMarine 3D will assist us in gaining a further competitive edge within the marine industry.” – Liang Guoming, Deputy General Manager, Technical Center COSCO Shipyard Group

To learn more about how you can increase your productivity, see our new “SmartMarine Enterprise for Offshore: Improving the Complete Offshore Project Life Cycle” brochure by visiting our offshore industry page and choosing “Features” on the right.