Latest webinar to explain new and existing capabilities in SmartPlant Electrical

Are you already a SmartPlant Electrical customer, or looking to learn more about SmartPlant Electrical? The Intergraph Webinar Series continues on Wednesday, November 18, at 9 a.m. CST with “SmartPlant Electrical Technical Update.”.

Increase your SmartPlant Electrical knowledge and explore how its capabilities benefit your workflows. The two main topics covered will be:

  • The bi-directional ETAP interface: See how the electrical network is designed in ETAP or SmartPlant Electrical, and transferred to the other tool. This allows the user to continue and complement the electrical network, with no data retype and no inconsistency, and produce the final single line diagram.
  • Block diagrams: See how to design electrical circuitry using the graphical cable block diagram as the design front end. Also, see some new features of cable block diagrams that will be available in the coming SmartPlant Electrical service pack 3.

Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to ask the SmartPlant Electrical team your questions.
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