SmartPlant 3D and SmartPlant Construction take center stage

Today's AECWeekly Industry News, published by Susan Smith, focuses on SmartPlant 3D and SmartPlant Construction.  Heavily quoted in the article is Patrick Holcomb, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine executive vice president. 

The well-established SmartPlant 3D has more than 285 clients worldwide with more than 7,500 licenses in use.  The SmartPlant 3D 2009 release included laser scan integration, integration with analysis, and integration with detailing through the CIS 2 standard.  SmartPlant 3D has seen remarkable market adoption of up to 35 percent per year during 2007 and 2008.

Holcomb said he believes Intergraph will assume a growth rate that’s more "organic" in nature, "so instead of growing at 20 or 30% maybe we’ll see something that's more like 10% (even in the midst of the current economic challenges]. That's a big success for us and in many ways. It's timed extremely well in that just as our 3D technology is really coming through the early adoption phase, clearing out a lot of the early problems and getting to the very beginning of our maturity just as the world cares about costs and productivity."

The recently released SmartPlant Construction meets the specific needs of construction companies, project management offices, fabricators, and owners in managing construction resources, materials, and schedules.  It facilitates increased productivity, accelerated project completion, and reduced risk. AECWeekly quotes Holcomb further:

"Engineers like (SmartPlant Construction) because they can make sure they have the right information being planned and the plan is being done precisely right." Well known is the disconnect between engineers and constructors, "They have all sorts of communication and handover problems which are a function of both the culture and the people issues and physical location, because frequently engineering is not at the site, there are time zone and other problems."

Because a project is not over after the building is built, SmartPlant Construction will provide a database that can be handed over at the project’s end to Owner Operators to use for its maintenance planning capabilities as it will contain all the technical data with all materials.

For more information about SmartPlant 3D click here, and for more information regarding SmartPlant Construction click here.