Gain the most value from laser scanning with SmartPlant Enterprise

Robert Christian, Intergraph’s business development executive manager for 3D Modeling & Visualization, provides an interesting update in the latest issue of Insight on Intergraph solutions and laser scanning.

He closes his article by focusing on the enhanced referencing of laser scanning data now offered in SmartPlant 3D 2009 and SmartMarine 3D 2009, both of which were released in May:

“Smart 3D represents our second generation of laser scanning integration. The software empowers you to perform all of your work in Smart 3D. All of the commands are built right in, taking advantage of the powerful Smart 3D modeling and clash engines.

“Laser scanning is well integrated into the Intergraph design environment. You never have to leave the Smart 3D environment to make the best use of your data.

“Now you’re in an intelligent plant design environment, and Smart 3D treats the (laser) points as more intelligent plant objects. This gives you much more control.”

Robert also discusses Intergraph’s relationships with all of the leading laser scanning vendors. You can read his entire article here.