Poll: 87% say that an intelligent P&ID solution would shorten the time from red lines to black lines

On Wednesday, October 14, the Intergraph Webinar Series held another successful and informative webinar. “Lowering Operational Risk with SmartPlant Engineering & Schematics” showed how owner operators can lower their operational expenditures and save time through the use of the SmartPlant Engineering & Schematic tools. CNRL and Bayer shared their experiences with SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Instrumentation, and SmartPlant Electrical.Poll2

Here is an interesting poll question from the session: 87% of attendees think that an intelligent P&ID solution, such as SmartPlant P&ID, will offer better information to all parties in the plant, and shorten the time from red lines to black lines. 

This webinar will soon be available on the Engineering & Schematics Web page. If you missed this webinar, be sure to download the recording to see how SmartPlant Engineering & Schematics can lower operational expenditures in your plant.