SKM and UGL Resources Collaborate to Improve Mining Workflows

Mining industry growth has caused companies to seek out better systems for bulk materials handling to help the supply chain work smarter.

Enter two Australia-based firms, Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) and United Group Resources (UGL Resources). Needing to reduce the time to production and market delivery and drive down costs, SKM and UGL Resources defined the requirements for a new system by reverse engineering a completed project and then developing an intelligent 3D model with SmartPlant Enterprise technology to visualize the process. Intergraph quickly began to convert the requirements into a new solution – SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling Edition – built around the latest innovations in intelligent 3D technology.

Several factors influenced the SKM-UGL collaborative selection of Intergraph for this unique system: worksharing capabilities; rule-based, multi-discipline design; and integrated engineering and materials management.

“With real-time worksharing and collaboration,” said Jeff Lawrence, proposals and systems development manager for UGL Resources, “the mining industry can offset the known challenges around resource availability.” SKM business consultant Dave Medcroft added, “The productivity benefit is related to engineering producing more outputs for the same effort, nearer to fabrication and construction deliverables.”

This new system could revolutionize design and construction methodologies for bulk materials handling project delivery.

The three-way partnership is focused on the need for a smarter, data-centric system that enables optimization of standards, design reuse, modularization, and worksharing. The team is now working on a project in the proof-of-concept phase.

For a full-blown article on this still-developing story, see the current issue of Insight Magazine, The Future of Materials Handling (24-25).  For more information on Intergraph’s related solutions, visit our Metals and Mining Web page.