Don’t miss Wednesday’s owner operator-focused webinar with CNRL and Bayer

The Intergraph webinar series continues Wednesday, October 14, 2009, with, “Lowering Operational Risk with SmartPlant Engineering & Schematics.”

Finding, preventing, expanding, and fixing are the main activities and concerns when operating a plant. SmartPlant P&ID offers plants a clear “roadmap” and all the tools needed to enable quick data identification. Access to related tasks such as SmartPlant Instrumentation and SmartPlant Electrical offers detailed physical information of plant items. This gives you the information you need to make the right decision to lower your operational risks, such as product interruption, safety issues, and production quality. CNRL and Bayer will share their experiences with SmartPlant Engineering & Schematics.

  • Doug Nowell, SmartPlant P&ID Administrator, CNRL
  • Bill Bierman, Consultant, CNRL
  • Frank Bielen, CAE Coordinator, Bayer

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