Premier Partners say they are ready to reap SmartPlant Construction benefits

The SmartPlant Construction webinars on Thursday set a new attendance record for the Intergraph Webinar Series. If you were unable to attend the webinar, a recording will be available soon for download on our Web site. We’ll provide more details on that, but in meantime, we thought we’d pass along a few webinar highlights from our guest Premier Partners: URS Washington Division and CTCI Corp.

Jim Matteson spoke in the first webinar. He has 37 years of construction experience, working his way up from millwright to now leading up the construction function for his division. He says SmartPlant Construction will considerably improve his company’s construction management abilities:

“SmartPlant Construction has been developed by construction industry personnel for construction industry personnel. URS Washington Division joined with Intergraph due to Intergraph’s long standing in the industrial software business focused on power, process, and marine businesses. This tenure and history of successful products gave URS the confidence that we were working with a company that would deliver a product to the industry that would meet or exceed our requirements.

“We have named Intergraph and their SmartPlant application and its related applications as one of our cornerstone applications. We believe it is a good product, and we’re going to use it. We are using it on several of our projects and plan to use it across the broad spectrum all of our businesses.”

In the second webinar, we were joined by Stanley Lee, executive manager of construction and project management at CTCI Corp. He reported that CTCI will use SmartPlant Construction on an upcoming LNG project in India due for completion in 2012. Here’s why:

“This application has the potential to introduce a step-change in the way we do business and lead to significant improvements in our projects. Intergraph’s approach to the construction industry gives us great confidence that the product will be exactly what the industry needs. Engaging several of the leading global construction companies in this effort shows the commitment that Intergraph has made. Intergraph understands the requirements for the industry, and this understanding is paramount to ensure the success of the product.

“CTCI has been actively engaged in the process from the start and is confident that this product will give us the platform for substantial planning process improvements on our projects, leading to savings in time and money.”

Be sure to download the webinar recording once available. It’s well worth an hour of your time – judging from the overwhelming response to SmartPlant Construction, maybe thousands of hours. Until then, learn more about SmartPlant Construction on our special Web site.

UPDATE: The recordings for the SmartPlant Construction webinars held on October 1 are now available for downloading.