Canadians launch SmartPlant Construction, learn more about solution

More than 100 people celebrated Tuesday’s release of Intergraph’s SmartPlant Construction with a launch party at Flames Central in Calgary.

Colleagues from the process, power, and marine industries gathered for several hours of networking, SmartPlant Construction presentations and demos, food, drinks, and fun. Chuck Gill, Intergraph’s Procurement, Fabrication & Construction executive manager in the Americas, reports:Click to enlarge

The SmartPlant Construction Launch Party in Calgary was a tremendous success. All of the major companies were represented, and we received very positive feedback on how SmartPlant Construction can provide their organizations with a competitive edge. We were busy all night answering questions and exchanging information. On top of that, we had a fun evening.

It’s still not too late to register for one of the two SmartPlant Construction webinars on Thursday (October 1 for most time zones, but Friday, October 2, in Asia-Pacific). See this GetSmart! post for registration information.

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