Tuesday webinar to explain SmartPlant Instrumentation benefits, capabilities

Are you already a SmartPlant Instrumentation customer, or looking to learn more about SmartPlant Instrumentation? Our ongoing webinar series installment continues Tuesday, September 22, with, “Getting More Mileage out of your SmartPlant Instrumentation Solution”

Increase your SmartPlant Instrumentation knowledge and explore how its capabilities benefit your workflows. Plus, learn about some of the exciting, new functionalities offered by the upcoming SmartPlant Instrumentation 2009 release, such as:

  • Specification sheets – Increase your productivity and data consistency with a completely new, industry-driven specification library.
  • External validation and data editing – Validate data and automatically add data to SmartPlant Instrumentation from external sources. This will increase data accuracy, data consistency, and productivity. Plus, it is fully user-controllable.

Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to ask the SmartPlant Instrumentation team your questions.

UPDATE: The recording of this webinar is now available for download.