SmartPlant Construction 2010 launch: Focusing technology advances where the big money is spent

Insight_Q3_2009_Cover Construction is a huge driver of project costs and margins, representing 30 to 45 percent of total installed cost. With construction time studies showing upwards of 25 percent of construction costs from idle or waiting time, this is a solution with significant ROI when the industry really needs it.

SmartPlant Construction 2010, our latest extension to the SmartPlant and SmartMarine Enterprise, will see its inaugural launch at the end of this month. This has been a huge effort over the last year among Intergraph’s development team, the Construction Owners Association of Alberta, and our Premier Partner Group: CTCI, Fluor, Kiewit, Nexen, Technip, and URS-Washington Division.

The latest edition of Insight magazine is full of construction-related articles, including thoughts from those Premier Partners and explanations on the immediate cost and business benefits SmartPlant Construction can provide. Check out the full Insight online here.

With SmartPlant Construction, which is highly integration-intensive, we think Intergraph has the only good answer in the world for executives who want to see integrated execution improvements across their engineering, procurement, and construction groups. We'll keep you posted as we continue to hit new milestones in this area. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas in the comments section!