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Welcome to GetSmart!, the blog produced by Intergraph’s Process, Power & Marine division. GetSmart! shares news and views of interest to people working in the process, power, offshore, and shipbuilding industries. It is also a source for the latest Intergraph information, including updates on SmartPlant and SmartMarine Enterprise solutions.

Intergraph is celebrating its 40th anniversary in business, and our customers have consistently given us high marks for listening to their needs. GetSmart! is the latest of our Web 2.0 initiatives and another way we can interact with you and stay connected to the markets we serve.

As president of the PP&M division, I want us to share strategic information and insights into the process, power, and marine industries, particularly during these uncertain economic times. Intergraph is a proven leader, and in difficult times, that’s who you need as your partner in business. Every company has been affected by the world economic crisis that began one year ago. However, our enterprise portfolio and superior solutions continue to win us new business against our competitors. This proves we are helping our customers succeed in challenging conditions.

I am joined on GetSmart! by Patrick Holcomb, our executive vice president of business development, as well as a team of bloggers dedicated to providing you with an interesting read. In fact, they’ve already begun posting, so please continue.

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