Golden Valve Awards

HxGN LIVE – Golden Valve Awards Competition

Win great prizes for your designs!

The Golden Valve Awards Competition recognizes the most innovative and well-executed uses of software supported by Hexagon PPM.

Winners are announced at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas!

Entry Categories

All entries must be created using Hexagon PPM-supported software as the primary design and rendering tool. Intergraph Smart® Review or Intergraph Smart® 3D must be used to render the submitted image or animation. Subject matter must relate to the process, power, offshore, shipbuilding, or mining industries.

1. Visually Complex – Based on visual complexity shown in one image, this category is open to any type of plant - onshore, offshore, pharmaceutical, power generation, food & beverage, etc. Although the entire plant need not be shown, a view highlighting complexity is recommended.

2. Discipline-specific – This image spotlights your specific discipline, whether structural, HVAC, equipment, or electrical, using Hexagon PPM software as a professional tool.

3. Photo-realism (formerly Rendering and Ray Traces) – This category comprises 3D model images, which are highly detailed and attractive with photo-realistic quality, such as mirror-like reflections, smooth shading, and realistic skies and backgrounds. Photo matching is also in this category.

4. Animation – This category encompasses movies or multimedia presentations related to the process, power, or offshore industries. Fly-throughs and construction sequencing are some examples.