SmartPlant® Enterprise System Completion OO/EPC

SmartPlant® Enterprise Systems Completion helps transition from construction to continuous operations.

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Systems Completion is the process of taking a project from construction to operation. The objective is to demonstrate that a facility and all its components are built and installed according to the design intent and function according to specifications. All preceding activities play a role, so large amounts of information and data are managed.

SPO/E Systems Completion leverages engineering design information that was developed during the project, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone task of re-constituting data from many sources. The software covers all work processes required to transition a facility from construction completion into operations.

Supporting a critical and complex phase of the life cycle

Complete information

Ensures that information is complete, trustworthy, visible, and readily available


Supports the coordination and decision-making process during systems completion and startup

Minimizing risk

Reduces the risk of project slippage

Work processes covered

Mechanical completion

Create and manage check sheets for each item

Static commissioning

Verifying prior to energizing equipment

Dynamic commissioning

Ensuring safe functioning of integrated components

Punch list management

Helping to record defects

Review and readiness

Ensuring equipment and construction conform to design


Maintaining equipment from delivery to service

Electronic dossiers

Organized structure for managing documentation

Graphical status reports

Enhanced reporting to complement tabular reports

Import onto tablet

Load subsets of project data onto a tablet device

Access offline

View and navigate information and documentation offline


Capture info and complete checklists in the field and upload to SPO

Systems completion

This webinar shows how SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators Systems Completion solution will help you successfully manage your next systems completion project.

Reducing Manual Effort and Improving Project Visibility during Completions and Commissioning

Systems Completion is the process of taking a project from construction completion to operation. This paper is an introduction to leveraging information management technology in the Systems Completion phase.

SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators System Completion

Systems Completion bridges the portion of the plant life cycle between Construction and Operations, involving several complex, inter-related processes.